No 34 (2012)

Table of Contents

Does Scientifi c Realism require a comittment with the Correspondence Theory of Truth? HTML
Daian Tatiana Flórez Quintero 11-23
Science as habituality, and its Inherent Risks: A Study Regarding the Conflicts Related to the Traditional Character of Science in Husserl’s “The Origin of Geometry” HTML
Luciano Mascaró 25-38
Three Proposals for the renovation of the program “Philosophy as rigorous science” from 1911 HTML
Julio César Vargas Bejarano 39 - 60
Education from Marx Beards HTML
César Augusto Soares da Costa 61-75
Creation, Identity and Border in the Context of Globalization: Irreconcilable and Worldwide cultura HTML
Alejandro Bilbao 77-102
An Alternative Explanation on Locke’s Original Acquisition HTML
Liliana Spinella 103 - 118
From Marx to Horkheimer: A History of Convergence Between Theory and Practice HTML
Manoel Ribeiro de Moraes Junior 119-137
Guiseppe Lorini 139 - 148
The practical foundation of theory from a transcendental-hermeneutics point of view HTML
Gonzalo Scivoletto 149-163
Disagreement and Misunderstanding HTML
Julder Gómez Posada 165-186


¿Qué es la justicia? HTML
Emma Rodríguez Camacho 189-202
La disponibilidad de la filosofía tardía de Wittgenstein. Stanley Cavell HTML
Diego Rodríguez 203-230


JOHN FINNIS. Religion and Public Reasons. New York, Oxford University Press, 2011, 450 pp. HTML
Eduardo Fuentes Caro 233-238

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