No 41 (2015)

Praxis Filosófica No. 41

Table of Contents

Editorial Note

Editorial Note (es) PDF
Miguel López-Astorga 11-25
Models and representation in Bas Van Fraassen’s empiricist structuralism (es) PDF HTML
Bruno Borge 27-42
Analogy (Paradeigma) as composed inference in Aristotle and Peirce (es) PDF Sin título
Jorge Alejandro Flórez Restrepo 43-56
Conflicts of experimental philosophy in the seventeenth century PDF HTML PDF
José Luis Cárdenas Barreto 59-79
The marxian critique of the hegelian dialectic. From the ideal reproduction of an ideal process to the ideal reproduction of a real process. (es) PDF HTML
Gastón Caligaris, Guido Starosta 81-112
Towards a social history of philosophy. Topics for a research program (es) PDF Sin título
Damián Pachón Soto 113-124
Forgiveness in Human Terms: Between Love and Dialogue (es) PDF HTML
Lida Esperanza Villa Castaño 125-142
Toleration, Autonomy and The Harm Principle (es) PDF HTML
Leonardo González 143-163
The “Future of human nature” according to Habermas. Reflections on his rationale for an ethics of the species. (es) PDF HTML
Guillermo Ramírez Cattaneo 165-191
Michel Foucault: the revolution and the question of the present (es) PDF HTML
Jea-Paul Margot 193-214


El Príncipe de Maquiavelo: desafíos, legados y significados (es) PDF HTML
Rafael Silva Vega 217-232

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