No 42 (2016)


Enero-Junio 2016

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Editorial Note

Publishing note PDF
Saying of the silence: a tribute to Martin Heidegger PDF
William Betancourt 11-33
Through the looking-glass, and what Plato found there. Mímesis between lógos and alétheia PDF
Mariana Castillo Merlo 33-58
Philosophical praxis as a political praxis. A reading of ‘the politics’ in Plato’s Phaedrus PDF
Sergio Barrionuevo 59-82
The state’s governmentality in Foucault: a modern problem PDF
Sebastián Botticelli 83-106
Rawls’s property-owning democracy: a critical analysis of several interpretations PDF
Leandro Martins Zanitelli 107-130
The Ancient Medicine: an existential ethic in Michel Foucault PDF
Diego Alejandro Estrada Mesa 131-156
The ethics of pleasure. Guilt and happiness in the works of Epicurus PDF
John Fredy Lenis Castaño 157-177
Fatalism and chance in d’Holbach’s Système de la Nature PDF
Natalia Lorena Zorrilla 179-201
Infinity in Descartes and the practical purpose of his philosophy PDF
Julio Armando Morales Guerrero 203-217
The philosophical research: conceptual analysis versus historical analysis? PDF
Guillermo Lariguet 219-244


The Conclusion of Cicero’s De Natura Deorum (1913) en: Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, 44, pp. 25-37.
Christian Felipe Pineda Pérez 247-262
Juan Sebastián Rojas Miranda 263-274

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