No 31 (2010)

Table of Contents

Philosophy of Experimental Practices and Science Teaching
Edwin G. García A., Anna Estany 7-24
José Daniel Parra 25-44
Between Marx and Zuleta: Pause, Crises and Revolution
Boris Salazar 45-60
Conceptual Assumptions on the Formation of Materialism of Marx
César Augusto Soares da Costa 61-72
David Lewis’s Metaphysics of Laws of Nature
Pablo César Riveros 73-87
The Infuence of Kierkgaard in the Reconstruction of Postmodern Subjectivity
María J. Binetti 89-98
Remarks on a Possible Basis of Ethics in Being and Time by Martin Heidegger
Ivan Alexander Muñoz 99-108
To Get Free from Roots
Luciano Arcella 109-122
The Absence of Work in the Madness
Marco Alexis Salcedo Serna 123-135
Orgiastic Representation: The Ontology of Leibniz in Deleuzian Capitalism
Julián Ferreyra 137-158
Philosophy of Science in Colombia. Historic Development
Juan Carlos Moreno Ortíz 159-167
The Notion of Model within the Semantic Approach of Theories
Germán Guerrero Pino 169-185


Our Philosophers Aren´t our Geniuses: Insolence of a Dissident. Interview with Rubén Sierra Mejía
Jhon A. Isaza, Nicolás A. Duque 187-212

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